This is so relevant for our current Lockdown situation where loads of us are working from home and there is a temptation to stay in your jammies all day!!!! Keep your mood positive by getting dressed – you can still do comfort but use colour and chic styles to give yourself a boost 🙂

In her book Mind What You Wear : The Psychology of Fashion, Professor Karen Pine says, “Your choice of attire has powerful feedback effects; it sends internal messages which can boost or dampen your mood and even alter your thought process and capabilities.”……..

Drawing a conclusion to one study Pine conducted, she said, “Overwhelmingly, the women in our survey agreed that what they wore could affect their confidence level and that principally what they wanted clothes to give them was feelings of confidence. Not sexiness or even attractiveness. Confidence.”

She goes on “When we asked women in our research what it was about their ‘happy’ clothes that made them feel good, they told us they were well-cut, and likely to be made from bright and beautiful fabrics.”

We, as busy stylists totally agree with her findings. With years of experience under our belts, we know confidence is the main aim for most of our clients (even if they don’t know it). Our job and all our services are about empowering you to Be Confident and Happy in what you wear.
Please Get In touch for a chat if you or someone you know needs a Supercharged Confidence Boosting Style Session – we can do Skype Style Sessions too. A & M xx