There’s more to Colour than Meets The Eye

Did you know that this year’s Colour of the Year (2014) is Radiant Orchid!! Each year, Pantone select a Colour which they feel represents the global mood.  We are delighted that this year’s choice matches all our Company Branding.  You may or may not know that every colour has an emotional association and hence Colour is a powerful tool used from individuals, such as politicians to multi national organisations to influence perception. David Cameron does not just throw on that blue polo shirt nonchalantly, he has a team of advisors guiding him to wear blue, a trustworthy dependable colour! Radiant Orchid has been chosen as it blooms with confidence and  warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple.

So, if you aspire to any of the traits that Radiant Orchid projects, inject some purple into your wardrobe!  Just make sure it is the right tone for you!

If YOU would like to use Colour Confidently, get in touch to book a Consultation.