Dress Happy

We know it seems like an effort to dress up when you’ve nowhere to go & nobody new to see, but once again we promise, taking a little care over what you wear each day, will lift YOUR spirits and we are all about how You feel about You 🙂
FACT : You can be comfortable, but still look stylish – Here are our top 3 easy tips :

Colour – you know this is often a number 1 for us, but that’s because it works! Try It – Wear colour rather than black or grey and watch your mood (and that of those around you) lift!
Shapes – Let’s be honest most loungewear may be comfy but its often not flattering. Our Collection is the definition of comfortable chic – Our jeans for example have lots of stretch so feel like joggers, but still look stylish or we have jackets that have the comfort of cardis but look smarter and with more style details that elevate your look.
Accessories – A scarf is always a great addition & a hard working, multi purpose piece – it can keep you warm, its an instant injection of colour and adds elegance to your outfit, giving you a chic, put together look.