Making the Most of Your Mask

There is no getting away from the fact face masks are here to stay for the foreseeable future so here are our Style Savvy Solutions to making the best of this season’s must have accessory …

– Choose in your best neutral colours to avoid expensive changes – patterns are great but beware they can clash with your outfits
– Use good tones to accentuate your eyes and bounce your colour up – all your colour clothing principles apply.
– Concentrate more on your eye makeup as often that’s all people see. You can use all our colour & style guidelines for eye makeup or get in touch if you’d like to join a Virtual Cosmetics Class.
– To save your lippy ending up all over your mask with none left on your lips, Blot your lipstick then touch up with gloss when you get to your table. ��

Have you heard of this? As we all have to wear Face Masks (& not the lovely spa related, relaxing type) every day now. Learning how to wear one without damaging your skin is crucial! They can lead to issues with the skin underneath and often cause unwanted breakouts because under a face mask the skin encounters higher levels of humidity than usual, due to an excess of trapped exhaled air. This changes the skin’s microclimate and upsets the skin’s natural microflora, so the pH balance of the skin can change significantly. Due to high moisture under the mask area, skin perspires less, gets clogged easily, and the growth of acne-causing bacteria leads to breakouts. Eek ��
Here’s our Tropic Founder & Skincare Expert, Susie Ma’s quick plan of action to help avoid blemishes and keep skin glowing and healthy!
1 BEFORE YOU GO OUT – DOUBLE THE CLEANSE – Ensure you start with as clean a face as possible by supercharging your cleansing routine. For us, Smoothing Cleanser followed by Clear Skies is the perfect dynamic duo. While Smoothing Cleanser gently melts away your makeup, Clear Skies effortlessly removes any unwanted clouds of excess oil. In fact, according to recent clinical trials, Clear Skies reduces excess sebum on the skin by 81% after one use.
2 BANISH THE BLEMISH – Feeding your skin’s natural eco flora is imperative to banishing blemishes. Pure Lagoon Blemish Prevention Serum is our favourite antidote to a day of masked missions – the efficacy of the formulation is like no other! When we asked our customers to tell us what they thought, 73% of them told us that Pure Lagoon minimised the amount of new blemishes that formed in previous problem areas. Even your face covering won’t hide your astonishment at the results that this little blue bottle can bring!
3 GO LIGHT ON THE HYDRATION – You still need to hydrate with an oil or moisturiser but you don’t need to overload on ‘under mask’ areas. Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil is a fast-absorbing, nutrient-rich oil which will work day and night to keep skin nourished. Our Antioxidant rich Skin Feast Nourishing Cream Concentrate also helps to keep skin healthy with a boost of powerful antioxidants and actives. It provides just the right amount of hydration to keep skin balanced.
4 WHEN YOU GET HOME, CLEAN AWAY THE DAY – As soon as you get home after a prolonged mask-wearing period, double cleanse again with Smoothing Cleanser and Clear Skies to remove any impurities and keep skin feeling as fresh as possible.
5 MASKING NICELY – Remedying mask damage with more masks may seem counter-intuitive, but trust us, it works. Our Clear Skin Blemish-fighting Mask with salicylic acid and ginger extract kills blemish causing bacteria and keeps breakouts at bay. Put this on problem areas once or twice a week for gleaming, balanced skin.
So next time you’re stepping out of the house armed with your protective facial gear, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your skincare routine will remedy any unwanted blemishes that come out to play. As we adjust to the stresses of this unexpected ‘new normal’, it’s more important than ever to take care of each and every crevice of your complexion.xx



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A Week in The life of Style School Scotland

A WEEK IN THE LIFE OF STYLE SCHOOL SCOTLAND 👍🏼😍👚👖👗 No 2 weeks are the same but they all include the words in the pic – just in case you wonder what we get up to, here’s an average week ………………………….
MONDAY – Lovely start to the week with a meeting to Plan a Forthcoming Fundraising Fashion Show for a local Golf Club. 👍🏼😍👚👖👗Then, Back to our Pop Up Boutique in the afternoon for a quick Seasonal Shop with a couple of customers who love our Collections – every season they buy just a few pieces to complement their existing wardrobe. They love that Captain carries colours & themes through the seasons making it perfect to inject a couple of new pieces each season👍🏼😍👚👖👗
TUESDAY – Wardrobe Workout – we spend a happy morning in a customers wardrobe – she loves to look good & well put together but doesn’t have the time to organise outfits each morning so wanted her life simplified – we weeded out a few garments that no longer work for her and rearranged her existing wardrobe into groups of outfits which she can easily pull out each morning, in sections to fit with each part of her life – she was delighted that she can now easily lay her hands on the perfect outfit for any occasion.👍🏼😍👚👖👗 Next, we had 2 lovely ladies come together for a Colour & Style Image Revamp Session – they both felt stuck in a rut with their style and were despairing of how drab they felt. By the end of the session they were amazed and delighted with how easy it is to revitalise their wardrobes just by injecting some colour combos that worked to lift their skin tone & choosing styles, shapes & fabrics which flatter them – bringing their look bang up to date and taking years off them .👍🏼😍👚👖👗
WEDNESDAY- Fab, Fun Drop In Day catching up with lots of customers – loyal & new, popping in to Our Chic Boutique – they love the Collection for its Classic Styling, Quirky Details, Luxe Fabrics, Sensible Sizing (6-24) & Flattering Styling plus of course the Personal Service & Style Advice 👍🏼😍👚👖👗.
THURSDAY-We get our steps up with a Personal Shopping Session in Glasgow with a lovely lady who puts a wee bit away each week to pay for her annual treat – she just loves the experience -We preshop for her in the morning & then meet her in the afternoon for her trying on session where we fine-tune her outfits. It is wonderful to see her confidence grow as we build her a capsule wardrobe full of colours and styles that flatter her👍🏼😍👚👖👗
FRIDAY- A local firm has employed our services for an Image Management Consultation with a young graduate assisting her to develop her Personal Brand & reflect the Company Image. It’s a really rewarding session helping this young woman move from student to confident, perfectly polished professional.👍🏼😍👚👖👗
We finish off the week with another fun afternoon of drop in customers who love to shop local – always a pleasure, catching up with them all over a cuppa talking all things style & seeing them looking and feeling fabulous 👍🏼😍👚👖👗. Oooh and also in between customers – we begin the planning of our upcoming Train as a Stylist Course 🙂 xx

Winterproof Your Wardrobe

There is a definite nip in the air that means it’s time to dig out your winter woolies and think about tactical layering. The cold weather doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy though- here are our top tips to Cosy Chic & Wise Winter Wardrobe Choices :
Your Winter Coat – This is what will catch people’s eye as the temperature drops – so choose wisely. Of course, many of you may have invested in a black coat thinking it goes with everything or a camel coat thinking it is classy but both these tones can be draining on lots of colour palettes, so if you are investing in a new coat – choose a colour that flatters YOU. Wearing a brighter colour will also lift your mood and that of those around you :).
Winter Winner – If you have a coat in a colour that’s not your most flattering – add a scarf to lift it. Also, “Accessorise to Maximise” – If you are thinking sustainable style and recycling a previous seasons coat, accessorising makes it easy to bring your look up to date and ring the changes. People will remember colour – so adding red gloves and scarf or mustard accessories for example to your neutral coat will give it a fresh look.
Layering – You know we are always fans of this as it’s a great way to wear colour combos, create varying looks from the same key garments (versatility = sustainable style) and is stylish all year round but especially in winter when you are moving from chilly outside to central heating inside as well as for some of us, regulating your own menopause heater!!!! The key to successful winter layering to flatter you is avoid too much bulk and focus on fine layers. Chunky garments can make you look shorter and wider.
Winter Winner -Try layering a fine long sleeved mesh base layer under short sleeve tops or dresses, then adding a cardi and scarf. Stick to up to 3 main colours to ensure your outfit looks pulled together.
Boots – We find many of our customers struggle with footwear as comfort is a necessity or priority and this really can make or break an outfit. There are so many comfortable yet stylish footwear options nowadays from M&S with their Footglove range to Geox that it is worth spending the time investing in a pair of boots that will work for you. Think of the colour – you want your boots to be one of your best neutrals to tie in with all your outfits – so is brown one of your base colours or is it navy or grey or even wine – don’t just go for the failsafe of black if you don’t have black in your wardrobe.
Winter Winner – Ankle boots are a great choice as you can wear them with trousers but also with thick tights they look fabulous with a dress too- to elongate your legs choose the same colour tights as boots/shoes.
Invest in Your Key Pieces – Look after these items and they will look after you – making you look and feel great for years to come 🙂 Jeans, coat, boots, knitwear – when you think of your cost per wear and also of the environmental impact, it really makes sense on every level to invest in these pieces and buy beautiful quality that feels good to wear and makes you feel good when you wear them.


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