Wardrobe Workout

042smallDuring the 3 hour session we will identify your lifestyle needs, assess and organise your current wardrobe and then identify the gaps and plan how to fill them.

We will teach you:

  • How to ensure your wardrobe reflects your lifestyle.
  • How to organise your wardrobe for maximum versatility.
  • How to shop effectively.
  • How to co-ordinate your wardrobe with the right finishing touches.
  • Tips on how to continually keep your wardrobe up to date without buying a whole new wardrobe each season.

By the end of the session you will have less in your wardrobe but more to wear.

If you follow the suggestions for choosing colours and styles to suit you and your lifestyle you will find you can build a wardrobe that will give you many different looks. You will wear each item more often, giving you better value from it and you will spend far less time wondering what to put with what.

All in all a wardrobe to be proud of – no more hiding in the closet!

Wardrobe Workout £150

I think by having you go through my wardrobe, it gave me the confidence to finally get rid of clothes I had been hanging on to “just in case” and also those items that I deep down knew did not suit me but was reluctant to get rid of because they cost a lot but it’s all gone now along with A LOT of black and white clothes!! I certainly feel inspired to wear more colour and put alot more thought into what I wear each day including items that I would never have worn together but after you showing them to me just seem to work! All my clothes are now organised and I can see what I have after getting rid of quite a lot of clothes. I haven’t said “I don’t have anything to wear ” since you were here!
Karin, Perth

My wardrobe halved and my confidence doubled

It is a good feeling though to know that I no longer have any “clangers” lurking in the back of the wardrobe. Shopping for new items is a lot easier now too as I have my mini “bible” of colours and styles with me all the time. I’ll undoubtedly need more guidance as the seasons change and would consult you again without hesitation, as your refreshing professionalism made me feel at ease despite my previous apprehensions at being re-modelled.

Audrey, Alva

The advice you’ve given me has been hugely helpful. I’ve been able to pull together so many work outfits without difficulty. I put my clothes out the night before and step into them in the morning. And I’ve received so many compliments – people are always saying something nice which is a great boost on a working day. It also helps with confidence as I really never have to worry that I’m not well dressed or put together.

Sheena, Keltybridge