Sustainable Style

The events of the last year have certainly made us all think a bit more about our precious planet & our own footprint on it.
We have long been advocates of making the most of what you have and Shopping in your own Wardrobe is one of our favourite services and most popular with our customers too.
To springboard you into the new season, why not book a Wardrobe Workout session.  We can do these virtually or face to face, but either way, we will weed out whats not so good for you and uncover the elements that work, then reinvent these individual pieces to create new capsule combos that fit you and your lifestyle. Transforming the old into the new 🙂
We are also proud to partner with 2 brands who have sustainability and ethical production at the heart of what they do.
Tropic Skincare‘s infinite purpose impacts on everything they do and as well as loving the products and their impact on our skin and wellbeing, we love their philosophy of green, clean & cruelty free.
Captain Tortue has always worked in an ethical way, partnering with many of their suppliers for over 25 years and encouraging and empowering women at every level – with a 100% female executive team.  They are working hard to embrace sustainability too and this season, 25% of the Collections use Eco Designed fabrics with a plan to increase this to 50% by 2025.  All our labels are also now using recycled materials, as is all our packaging.  They have also planted nearly 5000 trees over the last 2 years in their partnership with Reforestation.  In addition, they are increasingly embracing Reduce, Reuse & Recycle with their Limited Edition Label where garments are made to order, often using leftover fabrics to prevent them going to landfill.