Style Secrets

During the 2 hr cladies styleonsultation we will analyse your bodyshape, scale, proportion, face shape and any individual body characteristics.

We will teach you:

  • Which styles of clothing will suit you best.
  • Which fabrics and patterns to choose and where to wear them for your most flattering effect.
  • Which hairstyles will be most complimentary to you.
  • How to accessorise with flair.

By the end of the session you will have an objective, informed understanding of your own bodyshape along with the guidelines to enable you to dress with confidence. You will also take away your Style File for future reference.

An understanding of not only what suits you, but why, will enable you to make good decisions when shopping for clothes. You will know immediately whether a particular jacket shape will work on your body or what lengths and proportions will make you look taller /slimmer /shorter/ fuller, giving you the look you want whilst cutting your shopping time and saving you costly mistakes.

Style Secrets Consultation £100

Integro provides a fantastic service and only a few weeks after using their services I have received numerous comments on the positive changes I have made as a result of their consultancy. Well worth the investment in time and money!

Margaret, Business Consultant

Business wise, I’ve been buying more work dresses which gives me confidence. Following the style consultation I am wearing more scarves which brighten up my work outfits and again this has been commented on.  I save lots of time searching in shops or online and I have less ‘one night only’ outfits, which is what I used to buy in desperation to get something for a night out and then don’t wear again.

Anne, Perth

You both have a wonderful way of passing on your expertise and made me feel empowered to start applying the principles and ideas. Many, many thanks.

Margaret Magill