Speed Styling for Men

mens capsule websiteIf you would like to look smarter but don’t have the time or know how then this 3-4 hour consultation is just for you. In this short session we will transform Scruffy to Suave. No more clothing confusion.
We will teach you

  • Colour Combo’s for your wardrobe to create a positive impact
  • Which styles will work for you
  • What would be your best “smart/casual” looks
  • How to pull your look together
  • How to build a “capsule wardrobe”

You will leave this session equipped to dress for success for any occasion.

Speed Styling Consultation £190

Thanks for the style advice, everyone is really impressed and full of compliments .You showed me the right clothes, styles and colours that work best for me.  You have also shown me how to make the most out of my wardrobe by mixing and matching items and what retailers/ shops offer the best selection for myself = saving time and money in the future.


I hired Integro to help me identify what colours and emphasis would work best with me, in terms of dress for casual and business! We all assume that we know whats best however once you understand that skin tone etc, is all important, then to invest in understanding how you can look good and stop wasting money on wrong colours of clothes etc, is well worth it. Marlene and her team do a great job and they will help you look great and feel great as you know what works for you! I would recommend them to anyone.

Russell, National Sales Director