Shopping Buddies : Double the Fun, Discount the Price

2 Stylists, 2 of you, 3 hours in a fitting room, lots of fun

PLUS a wardrobe full of wearable outfits.


integro shoppingPopular Personal Shopping Package for two:

  • We assess each of your needs
  • We prelocate great garments for both of you
  • You each set your budget, select the clothes and experience Successful Shopping

The Perks of Successful, Stress Free, Speedy Shopping

Our expertise
Unlike most department store personal shoppers, we are fully trained Image Consultants, with years of experience. Before we shop for you, we will have assessed your needs, as well as your bodyshape and colouring.

No store preference
Helping you to look fantastic is our main priority, not selling stock. This frees us to shop in any store which we feel meets your needs and your budget.

Our time, not yours -. Less stress, more success
Shopping without guidance can be time consuming & exhausting, not to mention emotionally draining. When we shop for you, you will feel like a celebrity as we do all the legwork before you see the inside of a changing room. We pre select garments that we know will work for you.

We have a wide ranging knowledge, built up through years of experience of individual stores and their products. We keep an eye on key trends & offers, so looking good doesn’t have to break the bank!

Cost effective Wardrobe Planning
A wardrobe full of clothes, yet nothing to wear is one of the main reasons clients come to us. Can you plan a journey without knowing your destination? Why shop without a plan?

Our promise to you : A fun & successful shopping trip.