Renew, Refresh or Recycle with our Trash or Treasure Zoom Workshop: Tuesday 1st Feb 7.30 – £10

A New Season always fills us with joy and excitement.  A New Year = New possibilities to revitalise, refresh and renew.  Whether it’s your wardrobe, your look, your job or your skincare regime.  It’s the perfect time to reset You!
After such a tough couple of years for us all – we are definitely not about punishing diets or restrictive regimes – but setting time aside for self care, self love & taking time to “smell the roses”.
One of the things we are most excited about, is the prospect of being able to get together with you lovely ladies again and we have a series of masterclasses to motivate you to update your look for 2022.
We are kicking off 2022 with a “Trash or Treasure Workshop”, where we will share our wardrobe weeding wisdom.
Join us with a couple of garments/accessories from your wardrobe that you love but for whatever reason, you never actually wear.
With our expertise, we will help you decipher why it doesn’t work and how we can tweak it to make it work for you, with ideas on how you can style it or whether it is just not right for you, so your trash can become someone elses treasure.