Online Styling Solutions

Online StylingNo need to feel on your own with your style dilemmas, by the wonder of the web we can still offer you Style Solutions with Our Freestyle Online “Time with Us” Sessions from SOS Emergencies to Wardrobe Malfunctions. Get In Touch to Find Out More.


All the outfits were amazing and it just did not stop there- they had suggested shoes, cardigans and jewellery suitable to wear with the outfits, each item was directly linked to the shop website so I just simply ordered the clothes. It saved me so much time and effort and it meant I was able to try them on in my own home without having to go around all the shops looking!!!!”

Nicola, Hertfordshire

Fantastic ‘quick fix’ service- very happy!

I was a bit apprehensive doing this, especially as,first of all, I had to drag myself into the 21st Century and learn how to FaceTime. A quick 5 minute lesson from my teenage daughter and I’d got the hang of it! I was going on a cruise wanted a few things to update my wardrobe for my holiday but also the summer in general. I’d had a personalised shopping session in the past but hoped this service would help me as time was running out!

At the agreed time we made contact! I held up clothes I had to show Adele and Marlene and explained what I was looking for. A bit later the same day they had sent me a lookbook with pictures of dresses, tops, trousers, and skirts which each had a link beside the photograph to the retailers’ website. I just clicked the link, was taken to the retailers’ website and added any items to my basket to buy. The ladies met my budget and added items of jewellery and sandals.

I’ve been on the cruise now with my new wardrobe, have worn everything and I have to say I felt great! It truly was a capsule wardrobe, my case was lighter too!

I am very happy with the service: Marlene and Adele are as charming, helpful and professional as always. I did find the personalised shopping trip fantastic but I would thoroughly recommend this service if you are short of time or just looking to update your wardrobe with a quick fix.

Eileen Christie