Less Is More – Sustainable Style

There is no escaping the hot topic of the moment in the Fashion World – Sustainable Clothing.
The fact is that we all need to be more aware and accountable of our impact on our planet.
We were recently involved in a “sold out”Zero Waste event designed to highlight sustainability and ethical dressing.
Try our three top tips on “Less to Landfill” for a more manageable wardrobe you can be proud of :
Fast Fashion is a false economy – alongside the ethical dilemmas of the cheap “wear once” top, the quality is generally poor and the time spent buying it and space taken up in your wardrobe, on top of the environmental cost makes it a no no. Much better to have a few quality garments than lots and lots of cheap buys.
Upcycle your much loved wardrobe winners – age doesnt matter 🙂 Just because you have had a garment for a few years, if it still fits and flatters you and is of good quality, it can still have a space in your capsule. There are lots of ways to give a new look to an old garment!
Recycle – One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure – If you know in your head that you won’t wear it again, then don’t be ruled by your heart – make some space in your wardrobe by decluttering and send those garments to a charity shop, clothes banks or for items of value, get some cashback by selling to a Preloved Shop or online forum.

Put these principles into practice and you will be able to see what you have – none of your style gems will be hidden, everything in there will fit you and you will be able to identify the gaps to complete a winning wardrobe that works for you.
It’s time to shop intentionally, responsibly and with purpose.