Interview Dressing – Top Tips

You never get a 2nd Chance to make the Right First Impression


In the current challenging job market creating the right first impression is absolutely critical. Interviewers will draw conclusions rightly or wrongly about you, based on your appearance before you even speak. Looking the part and feeling happy with your image will make a huge difference to your confidence in a job interview situation, allowing you to concentrate on selling your skills and experience, without worrying about your appearance.  Our 3 top tips to Dress for Success………



  • Dress for the Job You Want                                                                    Research the company and mirror their image, interviewers need to be able to imagine you in the job. Confidence is key, and this can be enhanced by what you wear. The right clothes for the right environment will give you added confidence.



  • Colour Code                                                                                                   The colours and clothes you choose will project an image and have an impact psychologically.  We all subconsciously make associations with certain colours – for example blue is seen as trustworthy, where red can be seen as dynamic but be wary as it can also be interpreted as overpowering. Most people play it safe by sticking to neutrals, but if you don’t want to blend into the background, choose colour to make a lasting impression – purple is a safe bet, as it is perceived as creative and trustworthy.


  • The Devil is in the Detail.                                                                                You need to convince interviewers that you are conscientious. A well groomed, tidy appearance gives the impression that you are effortlessly in control.                                                                                                Think:…….. neat nails, tidy hair, polished shoes, well fitting clothes, consider removing piercings and covering tattoos.