Fashion Forecast Spring 2022

You know we always say – you don’t need to be a slave to fashion, but giving a nod to the trends keeps your look fresh and up to date (and can take years off you!)
So to help you stay stylish – Here is our take on this season’s trends.
Firstly, let’s talk colour.  Blue hues are where it’s at.  The Pantone Colour of 2022 is Very Peri. As any of you who have been for a Colour Consultation know, colour can have a huge psychological impact and the blue colour family signifies trust and stability – very relevant to 2022 as we emerge from lockdown status.  This particular shade will leave you feeling joyous, dynamic and courageous and who doesn’t want a piece of that? 🙂
On that note, unsuprisingly, a major fashion trend this season encompasses optimism and dressing up again, even if it is just to go grocery shopping,  But, this is not about trussed up, uncomfortable clothes – but looking fabulous in easy, simple, gorgeous clothes that you can just throw on.  Chic and understated are the keys to this low key luxury look.
Following on the happy dressing theme – Colour is key.  Whether it be full on columns of colour or popping patterns – these will lift your look and your mood.
Next, Not to be missed Knits.  Layering up is always necessary in Scotland, but you can still be stylish.  Choose knits that are classy but with details that demand attention.  No boring sweater scenarios.
Last but not least, Denim is always on trend and it is always worth investing in a flattering pair of jeans that flatter your bodyshape – they are often the basis of your seasonal wardrobe.