Dress Down Fridays?


Lots of companies employ Dress Down Fridays as they believe they boost employee morale, but are they actually productive?

Here are some points to consider:

It can be a minefield as some employees may interpret the word casual too liberally and wear inappropriate clothing.

Can be expensive especially for female workers

Psychologists say many men, to some degree, see casual day as yet another arena where they have to compete

It is not an easy option, in fact it may require more forethought and planning than the work “uniform” ie Managers still need to dress more professionally than their staff.

A survey of managers conducted by the employment law firm Jackson Lewis and cited in Entrepreneur indicated that 44 percent noticed an increase in employee absenteeism and tardiness when casual dress policies were introduced. The managers also noted a rise in inappropriate, flirtatious behavior. “Some employers and workers say they don’t like the way dress-down day has turned into leisure day, affecting not only attire but behaviour.

Food for Thought!