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Employer & Employee Benefits

The benefits of personal image training to an organisation are many and varied. When individuals feel valued their performance will be more motivated and professionally inspired. Personal image plays a vital role in achieving this and is a key ingredient to successful business performance, giving the edge in this competitive climate.

We can enlighten your staff as a whole, as well as individually to the power of Personal Image raising their confidence, self esteem and hence, overall performance.

Personal image can be a sensitive subject, but when handled correctly can break down barriers and improve staff relationships.

Image for Interview Coaching

We can assist you if you work in the Public, Private, Voluntary or Third Sectors:

  • By increasing awareness of the importance of personal image and performance at Interview we can help the unemployed get back into the workplace.
  • Through Enterprise Coaching we can help small business development
  • By addressing body image issues and raising the awareness of image and impact we can prepare young people for the world of further education, work and adulthood helping them dress and present themselves appropriately.

Integro offers a unique combination of skills and experience to contribute to Economic Growth and Regeneration by assisting disadvantaged individuals back into the workplace.

[testimonial author=”Ferryburn Dental Practice”]

“We had a super afternoon team building event with Marlene and Adele of Integro. They showed us styles and helped us with choosing clothes to suit our body shapes and personality styles. We all had colour analysis done and the whole team remarked how it has changed their purchasing habits and overall confidence. Thanks ladies for a great afternoon


[testimonial author=”Capital Hotel, Edinburgh”]
Many thanks for coming to meet with our staff –they all really enjoyed it and a couple of people have said to me – have you seen this … I am dressing for success!  Very encouraging.  Thanks again..

[testimonial author=”Dorothy Henke, Women in Business”]

Integro took the keynote speaker spot at our Women into Business event.  The feedback from the attendees was excellent. I have heard many image consultants over the years but this was the first time that it really made sense. The delivery was both friendly and informative. The tips given were all practical ones. We were empowered to both look better and save money at the same time. Brilliant! I can see why Integro are so successful


[testimonial author=”Perthshire Businesswomen’s Network”]

As Chair of Perthshire Businesswomen’s Network I would also recommend Integro, when they present at our meetings the attendance is always high and the event is thoroughly entertaining


[testimonial author=”Primary School, Glasgow”]

Kids really seemed to enjoy your workshop last week. It got a really high score on our evaluation.  Staff picked up a few tips too. Thanks again.

Here are a few of our most popular tutorials:
  • Interview Coaching
  • Personal image management
  • Dress code coaching
  • Importance of personal grooming in the workplace
  • Representing the company brand

Embrace this powerful opportunity to invest in your company image, hence adding value to your company brand.