Travel in Style

travel in styleYou don’t need to leave glamour at home when you are jetting off on holiday. Have you, like us, noticed an abundance of casual “comfy” travel gear at the check in desk?  We know that when travelling everyone suffers from the chill of air conditioning, the swelling of feet as well as waistlines, but you would never see celebrities such as Victoria Beckham looking dishevelled as she steps off the plane. We know she has an army of assistants to achieve this, but as stylists we also know that we can all travel in style and still feel comfortable – it doesn’t have to be one or the other, they can go hand in hand.

Think fabric – choose something that will give you comfort, so nothing too restrictive or stiff – try a linen blend (comfort without the creases!) or a t-shirt material. So with this in mind,stick to styles that flatter you.

Think layers – you go through variable temperatures when travelling – so fine layers work better than a shapeless, chunky sweatshirt which will hide your hard earned pre holiday figure 😉 Try taking a pashmina – they take up hardly any space (you can wear it as a scarf or tie it on your bag), don’t crease and even double up as a cover for sleeping children or other halves!

Think shoes – we have no idea why people naturally revert to trainers in a travel situation. They can make your feet sweat, are heavy,can be restrictive and tend to not flatter any stylish travel wear!  There are many easy, comfortable and stylish alternatives on the High Street, from M&S to Primark – try canvas pumps, ballet flats or sandals (Remember the Golden No Socks rule!)

None of this is rocket science, but it is easy when you are busy to overlook the obvious – so get your holiday off to a stylish start this year.



Spectacular Style – Getting your Glasses Right

couple in glassesGlasses are the one accessory that you probably wear every day . When you get it right they can completely  enhance your face making a positive statement, so it is worth putting a bit of thought into which spectacles suit YOU.

There are 3 main issues to consider when choosing  eyecatching eyewear .


1 Flattering  Your FaceShape

The most flattering look is always achieved by creating balance and symmetry, so choose glasses that create balance.  Here is our quick guide:

 Oval faces suit most styles as the features are already balanced. Frames that are slightly wider than temples or slightly angular work particularly well.

Round  faces have soft features so need frames to define cheekbones and draw eyes up to make face seem longer. Tip – avoid very round or very square frames.

Long faces have strong chin and cheekbones.  Deep frames with a low bridge will create horizontal emphasis and shorten the face.  Avoid shallow or rectangular frames as they will make the face seem longer.

Square faces have straight lines, so try to soften angles and choose frames that are no wider than widest part of face. Upswept sides help to highlight the upper face.

Heart shaped faces have a broad forehead and small chin so need to balance these features.  Choose a low bridge and avoid width at the temples.

Diamond faces are broader at the eye level, so make sure frames do not extend beyond temples.

2 Colour

Choose frames in a tone to complement your natural colouring and they will flatter you as well as working with your wardrobe.

3 Scale

Take into account your bone structure ie if you have small wrists and feet, very heavy frames will swamp your neat features, whereas fine frames or even frameless will work better.

Finally, have fun with your glasses by injecting a bit of your own personality into your choice of frames.

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Dress Down Fridays?


Lots of companies employ Dress Down Fridays as they believe they boost employee morale, but are they actually productive?

Here are some points to consider:

It can be a minefield as some employees may interpret the word casual too liberally and wear inappropriate clothing.

Can be expensive especially for female workers

Psychologists say many men, to some degree, see casual day as yet another arena where they have to compete

It is not an easy option, in fact it may require more forethought and planning than the work “uniform” ie Managers still need to dress more professionally than their staff.

A survey of managers conducted by the employment law firm Jackson Lewis and cited in Entrepreneur indicated that 44 percent noticed an increase in employee absenteeism and tardiness when casual dress policies were introduced. The managers also noted a rise in inappropriate, flirtatious behavior. “Some employers and workers say they don’t like the way dress-down day has turned into leisure day, affecting not only attire but behaviour.

Food for Thought!

How Many Hats Do You Wear?

With under 2 weeks until Ladies Day at Perth Racecourse we were reminded of the numerous hats we all have to wear in our busy everyday lives.

We are sure you will agree that some will suit you better than others but we all have to portray different images for different occasions and we as Personal Image Consultants have the skills to help you fit confidently into all your roles.

FACT: When you feel comfortable, you feel confident.


It’s easy to get stuck in a “style rut”, play it safe by wearing neutral colours and end up feeling boring and invisible.

WARNING: This is when you are more likely to be overlooked or disregarded by others.

People often try to compensate for this by buying extremes outwith their comfort zone which leads to costly mistakes.

If this rings true don’t despair. Everyone can learn to dress confidently whatever the occasion. Like most skills in life if it doesn’t come naturally, then you should think about getting some expert help…. You wouldn’t ask your bank manager to fix your plumbing, or your accountant to service your car.

Our services provide you with personal style formulas that will make getting dressed in the morning a much quicker and happier experience, as well as saving you time, space and money.

A quick fix to creating a confident outfit, is choose a key piece from your wardrobe which you feel comfortable in and add an accessory, be it a tie, a scarf, shirt or piece of jewellery in one of this season’s colours (try cobalt blue – it has the added bonus of being a colour of trust) to give you a current, confident look.

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